Vision Statement 

Shoreline Biblical Coaches will be passionate, devoted, seasoned followers of Jesus Christ. They will be owners of the Shoreline vision and carriers of its culture. They will be well-read and well-practiced in Scripture, ready and willing to help in time of need, and able to assist Pastors Earl and Oneka and the staff to love and pastor the church with maturity, humility and consistency.

Letter From Pastor Earl

Shoreline Dallas is opening our Biblical Coach training sessions. Each session will consist of six classes lasting three hours each. Those successfully completing the training will be considered a Biblical Coach being called upon to come alongside people (as assigned) to mentor, counsel and guide each person to discover God’s plan for their life. The goal of Biblical Coaching is to help others in a safe environment to discover goals, overcome difficulties and pursue a closer relationship with Jesus. 

We want all people who become a Biblical Coach at Shoreline to have: 

  • GREATER love for Jesus Christ
  • GREATER love for all people
  • GREATER love for the local church, and a 
  • GREATER measure of wisdom, knowledge and leadership

Each coach completing this training should walk away acting more like Christ, leading more like Christ, completely drenched in the presence of Christ and ready to express His love in this community of faith and in the world in which they live. Coaches will be our most humble of all volunteers being given the honor to follow Pastor Earl’s leadership as he follows the vision God has given him as they mentor and lead others forward in their walks with Christ. 


1. Who can apply?

  •  Must be a Christian for at least one year
  •  Must be a Shoreline owner for at least six months
  •  Must be serving on one of our serving teams
  •  Must be tithing

2. What does the application process look like?

  • Online application
  • Three references (one from Shoreline owner, one from outside source, one from close source i.e. spouse, fiancé, girlfriend/boyfriend, or close family member)
  • Brief personal interview
  • Purchase of three supplementary books at approximate cost for $25

3. What is time commitment?

  • Training is six three hour classes
  • Six-month apprenticeship

Please click the Apply button to start the Biblical Coaching application process.  


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