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February 22, 2018

You are loved. You are valued. You are believed in. 

Sisterhood is a movement of everyday girls who are passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth. Our desire is to spark a value revolution around the Earth. 

In a world where we cannot even turn on the TV without hurtful words and actions from women on display, it is time for a fresh voice and a new anthem to arise. Our society is groaning to see its daughters rise up in great strength to shout the fame of Jesus and follow His example for loving one another with compassion and grace. WE ARE SISTERHOOD is not just a catch phrase. We are committed to lean into, strengthen and uplift girls of all ages both locally and to the ends of the earth. We will not stop fighting this uphill battle and continue to declare that every single woman is loved, valued and beautiful.

XO, Oneka and the Sisterhood Team

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As a company of women, we're on a mission to see a Value Revolution in our generation. We are collectively challenging the way we think about ourselves, the women in our life and the women around the world to bring value and honor to every single one of God's daughters. Join the revolution! Click below to hear real life stories of everyday girls realizing their value. #ValueRevolution




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