As the Littles Director, your mission is to passionately strive to make it On Earth As It Is In Heaven for every child who walks through the doors of a Shoreline City campus and set the table for each child to have an encounter with the love of Jesus.

This individual should be able to build a structured program with relevant and engaging curriculum and ensure every child and parent experiences excitement and feels loved, valued and believed in from the moment they step foot in the Kids Wing. The Littles Director must be on a constant journey of raising up leaders, determine how the program can continually step into Greater and carry the passion to see their team's lives grow, as well as each child.


  • Have a firm foundation with your relationship with Christ.
  • You must be a Culture Carrying Leader (have attended Welcome to Shoreline, have been serving, tithing, have attended Connect Groups, and have been serving on a team all for six months). Must professionally deal with problems and build solutions efficiently
  • Must be able to communicate the culture of our Shoreline City effectively. 
  • Must be a Structure/Stabilizer – Organization and efficiency is key to running a team of over 100 volunteers. 
  • Must be able to raise up a team and delegate effectively. To raise up a team you must be able to draw people through your leadership and personality.



  • Oversee all programming and ministry for a structured children’s program that consists of: relevant and engaging curriculum, energy, and excellence for birth through kindergarteners. 
  • Prepare the most exciting curriculum to facilitate learning and encourage spiritual growth and leadership development for all age levels with the intention to align it with our culture that is reproducible at all campuses. 
  • Recruit, train, pastor, schedule and lead teams of volunteers. 
  • Address problems with kids, parents, or logistics in an efficient and effective manor- building long-term solutions.
  • Oversee childcare operations for all Shoreline City events. 


Please send resume's to with the "Littles Director" as the Email Subject.